Vision and Mission Statement


AWH will be the premier Women’s healthcare group by providing patient centered, individualized and accessible care. We will remain faithful to our community through leadership and service, and be champions for our patients by remaining highly proficient in our field and practicing evidence-based medicine.


For every patient who walks through our doors, we are here to provide the best experience possible. To do this, we commit ourself to the three tenets of service at all times. These are compassion, care and convenience.


As daughters, mothers, aunts, and grandmothers ourselves, we understand the importance of how we would want our own family members treated. As your healthcare provider, we individually strive to do our best to address your concerns. We will provide you with the best treatment evidence-based medicine has to offer. With good health, we want to help YOU be the best that you can be.


As individuals we are all unique in our own way; therefore, the care we provide should be individualized as well.  As your healthcare provider, the care we provide is uniquely tailored to each patient whether it is addressing a gynecological issue or providing care during your pregnancy.


We understand that your life is busy and your time is valuable, therefore, we provide you with the option of having everything completed during your visit with us. We offer 3-D mammograms during your annual wellness visits, ultrasounds for your obstetrics and gynecology needs, and bone density imaging. We also offer multiple in-office procedures which is a convenient alternative to surgery at the hospital.

With these three C’s: Compassion, Care and Convenience we at Associates in Women’s Health (AWH) aim to provide quality health care every woman deserves.