Birth Center of Baton Rouge

Birth Center of Baton Rouge

As your physician, we provide full support for your childbirth plan. Our group of physicians are willing to work with you individually to provide you with labor options to meet your needs.

  • Are you interested in natural childbirth?
  • Are you are interested in having a water birth?
  • Are you looking for support from a midwife during your labor?

If so, this may be a great option for you! We have partnered with a group of wonderful providers to help provide you with another option for your labor. For more information, please visit

What is a freestanding birth center?

Birth Centers have been around for many years and are now becoming part of mainstream health care in the United States. Based on the midwife model of care, birth centers focus on physiological birth – that birth is a natural process that does not usually require medical interventions such as IV’s, continuous monitoring or restriction of movement to a bed.

A freestanding birth center is a home-like facility where women receive prenatal care, birth their babies and receive their postpartum care. The services may include routine GYN care, annual exams and contraceptive placement and counseling.

What you will find at the Birth Center of Baton Rouge are skilled and knowledgeable people dedicated to your birth experience. Prenatal consultations focus on a mother’s overall health and well-being. Births happen when the time is right. Mothers labor in whatever position or place feels good at that moment. Food and drink are not restricted. Large tubs are available for water labor and birth. All of us at the Birth Center of Baton Rouge are excited about what we do, and about YOUR ideal birth experience!

What is a midwife?

Midwives have specialized training and experience in childbirth, including prenatal care, births, and postpartum care.

The hallmark of midwife care is client-centered, respectful and hands-on; clients spend as much time as they want to have questions answered, and enter their childbirth experience with confidence, knowledge and self-possession.

Midwives work across the world to improve the health of mothers and babies.

Can anyone give birth in a birth center?

Birth centers are designed to care for pregnancies that are considered low risk. An orientation visit includes a thorough risk evaluation and assessment for appropriateness to birth out of the hospital. If you have multiple babies, hypertension, medicine controlled gestational diabetes, breech presentation or other issues that may cause complications, a birth center may not be the best option for you.

Do you offer water birth?

Yes, water births are an integral part of our services. Each of our birthing suites has a private birthing tub. Water birth is a great option for the majority of moms. There are some situations in which water birth isn’t the best option for you and your baby. A few benefits to water birth are:

  • Helps ease the intensity of labor by soothing, relaxing and releasing endorphins
  • Allows freedom of movement and position change
  • Eases the stress of birth for baby, creating a peaceful transition from out of the womb

If you are interested in the Birth Center of Baton Rouge and would like to schedule a tour and orientation, please call 225-761-1200.